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Secure PDF Features Every Business Requires From Kofax Power PDF

Whatever business you’re operating, there’s no doubt that security plays a significant role, including document security. You and your employees may send files to teammates, customers or stakeholders containing crucial information, highlighting the need for a secure PDF. It’s essential that you use a PDF editor that offers you a high level of document security to prevent data breaches and, perhaps more importantly, ensures your compliance with data security and protection regulations. Kofax Power PDF contains the necessary security features that you require in your business.

What Is Document Security?

We can assume that you communicate with customers and other external stakeholders every day through multiple channels. It’s possible that you need to send personal documents such as payslips or company financials, invoices, or general client communication. These files must be secure through features such as password protection or digital signatures. Having a program in place that supports document security protects certain information, ensuring that you’re compliant and preventing fraudulent activity such as identity theft. The primary goal of PDF software such as Power PDF is to protect personal and sensitive information.

Why Is Document Security Necessary?

Apart from some of the legal reasons we’ve mentioned above, document security assists in maintaining trust between your organization and your clients. People must be confident in your systems and processes that their information is safe and won’t end up in the wrong hands. As a result of this trust, your relationship with those customers will develop further while your business becomes a name that people can associate with trust and security.

Essentially, these are the primary reasons why document security for your business is crucial:

  • Reduces the possibility of a data breach
  • Avoids the financial impact you experience with a breach
  • Improves customer confidence in your services
  • Prevents reputational damage to your organization
  • Acts as a barrier against cybercrime.

Data Breaches

These can be a concern for any organization and can occur when employees send the document to the incorrect person or multiple individuals by accident. Using a program like Power PDF, your team will have access to the necessary security tools to protect the information in a PDF file.

Financial Impacts

Depending on the nature of a data breach, it can have serious financial implications for your company. Furthermore, your productivity can slow down because you may require staff to put their efforts into investigating the breach and resolving the issue.

The Human Impact

Whatever information you’re holding of customers, be it medical, financial or personal, they’re trusting you to keep it confidential. Your employees must understand this risk and completely understand the security features that are available to them to prevent a breach and increase trust with your customers.

Power PDF and Document Security

There are several tools that Power PDF offers users to enhance their document security. With your PDF files, you can set up a password that you can share with the recipient only, which means they must enter it to open the PDF document and view its contents. Simply click on the Security tab and select Manage Security and then Modify. Under the drop-down list of security methods, you can select Password Security. Check the box that mentions, Allow Document Opening Only by Password and enter the password in the text box.

Power PDF also enables you to dictate what you’re permitting the recipient to do with the document, as you can prevent them from printing it. The security settings will take effect once you’ve saved the document.

Take it on Trial

You shouldn’t risk your organization going through financial penalties and reputational damage because of a simple data breach. With Power PDF, you can depend on its security features to keep content confidential and prevent any breach of information. Apart from adding a password to the PDF, you can redact text, add watermarks and add digital signatures to maintain the security of the document. Use Power PDF in a 15-day trial and experience the benefits of all its tools.

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