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Saving Money With Power PDF

For SMBs, the annual budget is a near-constant presence in any consideration, from how to conduct daily business to aiming for long-term strategic targets. Saving money wherever possible isn't just a matter of pinching pennies and frugal spending. There is often a limit to the returns on such actions. By instead looking to reduce ongoing costs and to create opportunities for savings, your business can enjoy greater flexibility when working within your budget.

Even something as simple as switching to a PDF editor built for business users, such as Kofax Power PDF, could open the door to actual savings. It starts with affordability from the word "go" — but its cost-effectiveness stretches into the daily user experience, too. Let's look at how Power PDF helps SMBs save money every day.

SMBs Thrive with More Affordable Software

The savings begin with our licensing approach, which differs from other popular software providers such as Adobe. Most PDF editing software requires an annual subscription for each user or a hefty recurring fee for a volume license. That rapidly adds up even when you only need to give a few users access to the program. With Power PDF, however, you pay a flat fee per license instead, and you own the software. The cost is already lower in the first year, but the true savings materialize over time. After three years, Power PDF's one-time fee represents a savings of up to 70% over a comparable Adobe subscription. When selecting tools to keep your business competitive, cost should always be considered, and Power PDF comes out on top.

How Power PDF Saves Your Business Money

Although your business can save money immediately on software costs by switching to Power PDF, its advanced features as a PDF editor enable you to save in many other ways. With ongoing savings as a result of process improvements, you could even enhance your bottom line. Some of the cost-saving features you'll find include:

  • The means to reduce paper costs. Transition to a more paperless office by digitizing documents, using software to merge PDF files for coherent record keeping. Full-featured PDF editing and conversion makes quick work of once-difficult tasks.
  • Reduce administrative overhead associated with document handling, including data entry, document correction, and filing.
  • Save on costs associated with gathering signatures, such as fax machines and toner, or express delivery services. eSignature integration provides for rapid, secure, and enforceable document signing.

With opportunities for automation, plus ongoing support and development to keep the program on the competitive cutting edge, Power PDF lets small and medium-sized businesses realize a wide range of advantages.

Discover the Difference with Power PDF Today

Making the switch to Power PDF is easy. It looks and acts like software you already use daily, and we supplement its gentle learning with extensive online resources and tutorials for maximizing the software's functionality. Explore all its features and capabilities when you start a free trial today before taking advantage of our cost-competitive licensing options. Visit for more information about adding Power PDF to your small business.