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Robotic Process Automation

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2018

Now that 2018 is in our rearview mirror, we think it’s the perfect time to not only look ahead to the top 10 smart process automation trends coming up in 2019, but also take a moment to reflect on the topics and trends that resonated with our audience this past year. 

After analyzing stats from the Kofax blog in 2018, three primary topics emerged in the 5 most popular posts of the year: Robotic process automation (RPA), financial process automation and cognitive document automation. 

This isn’t surprising when you consider that many organizations are embracing the emergence of digital workers and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate their processes and acquire, process, analyze and deliver insightful data across the enterprise. 

Intelligent Automation is gaining momentum for businesses seeking to build and manage a digital workforce, wherein human employees are freed from time-consuming manual tasks and empowered to focus on higher-value work. The best part? Overall workforce productivity increases in tandem with employee satisfaction.

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Here are the blog posts that resonated strongly with our readers during 2018:

8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Automation Technology
Like peanut butter and jelly, RPA and cognitive capture are great alone, but exponentially better together. See how the powerful combination of software robots and cognitive capture/intelligent OCR can drive high value in a wide range of industries.

12 Innovative Use Cases for RPA in Finance and Accounting
RPA has been described as the next evolution of advanced financial process automation—and with good reason. Using software robots to bridge automation gaps and streamline those unique processes that exist outside of your core finance and accounting systems can drive end-to-end cost-savings and efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation: 4 Indispensable Types of Robots (and How to Use Them)
Software robots free humans from the monotonous manual tasks and empower them to put their skills, judgment and experience to work. We look at 4 robot types that will transform the way your team works.

Robotic Process Automation: Starting, Scaling, Expanding and Excelling
Whether you begin your RPA journey with a single proof of concept or from a center of excellence, you have to consider the common pros and cons for standardization, adoption and agility. We share our process assessment checklist. 

Don’t Forget the Documents: Why RPA + Capture/Intelligent OCR Add Up to Better Business
RPA has helped many businesses unlock the value of electronic data trapped in internal and off-site systems. But what about the data “hidden” within documents and emails? This post reveals how document capture/intelligent OCR automates the processing of information in documents and emails, and more importantly, delivers contextual understanding of that extracted data for better decision-making.

From all of us at Kofax, we wish you a prosperous New Year. See you in 2019!