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New in Power PDF 5: Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful business operations. When individuals, teams and even whole departments can link up and work together effectively, everyone wins—including the business's bottom line. The best work often comes from such meetings of the minds, and one team's strengths can shore up another's weaknesses. However, collaboration in the office today has grown harder.

Not only is there often a more physical distance between offices, but the rise of remote work and the "hybrid" office mean that traditional ways of doing things have undergone a serious shake-up. Today, there's a need for new and more robust tools to enable the collaboration that helps offices thrive.

Kofax Power PDF is a leader in real-time PDF document collaboration. With the latest release, Power PDF 5, those capabilities have only grown—and now businesses can enjoy broader control and more opportunities to connect their teams, no matter how distant.

Let's take a closer look at why these tools make the difference today and explore what's new about collaboration in Power PDF 5.

The Importance of Collaboration in Today's Enterprises

"Two heads are better than one" might be a tired cliché, but it continues to float around because it's simply true. Collaboration can be critical in fostering the kind of company culture you want to build. Just as importantly, it can contribute to a faster pace of work. Here's why you should invest in better tools to let your teams work together on document creation:

  • Collaboration leads to creative problem-solving. When a document isn't quite coming together, fresh eyes can offer the necessary perspective.
  • Working together fosters better team cohesion, which improves morale.
  • Collaboration fosters the sharing of ideas and introduces diverse points of view that can improve the output of the process.

The New Power PDF Collaboration Server: Work Together Anywhere

In previous versions of Power PDF, collaboration was only available between program users operating on the same local area network. While that made sense when we all spent much more time in the office, today's situation demands a more flexible solution. Enter the Power PDF Collaboration Server: a simple way for businesses to set up a secure solution to enable document collaboration anywhere in the world.

  • Set up a Collaboration Server and secure it with strong credentials. Users anywhere in the business or around the world can connect to this server securely over an internet connection.
  • When Power PDF connects to the server, users can open documents and invite others through the server to connect and begin editing.
  • Once connected, users can comment, redact, add markup and more in real-time with other users.

Empower Your Teams to Accomplish More Today

Extended collaboration features aren't the only new addition to Power PDF 5. The latest version of our industry-leading OCR, enhanced support for archival PDFs, improved speed and the same user-friendly interface design all make it an ideal PDF editor for businesses of any size. It's cost-effective, too, with both flexible term licensing agreements and our popular one-time licensing payment. See how Power PDF can fit into your business today when you download a free 15-day trial now.

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