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Kofax RPA: A Key Component of an End-to-End Intelligent Automation Strategy

Kofax is the developer of one of the leading RPA products in the marketplace. Although industry analysts continue to evaluate the RPA market, increasingly they are shifting their attention to intelligent automation, and Kofax has already established our leadership position in this emerging space.

RPA is undoubtedly a powerful technology that has spurred a red-hot marketplace of competitors. Thousands of Kofax’s 25,000+ customers use Kofax RPA™ every day to automate myriad front- and back-office tasks. Indeed, Kofax recently announced our 2021 Customer Excellence Awards winners, and many of the customer success stories feature RPA as a key component.

But RPA is only part of the story. Kofax was the first and remains the leading intelligent automation platform provider—in which RPA is just one of multiple integrated technologies critical for true end-to-end automation. Our customers love Kofax RPA as evidenced by those excellence awards and dozens of case studies. But those customers know that RPA success requires adjacent technologies like AI, document intelligence and process orchestration to enable true automation at scale. That’s why they come to Kofax—to leverage our broader capabilities in a single, integrated solution.

We have been, are currently and will continue to be laser focused on Kofax RPA as an essential element of our intelligent automation portfolio. But we are not an RPA point solution and rarely, if ever, do we compete with other RPA vendors on RPA-only implementations. Due to our broader focus, we have made the hard decision, but a conscious choice, to opt-out of RPA-only industry analyst vendor assessments and focus on the broader intelligent automation and hyperautomation marketplace.

Kofax is continuously expanding our capabilities to drive higher value for our customers. Therefore, with advancements in AI, ML and low code, we’ve expanded our capabilities beyond RPA. We believe true end-to-end digital transformation can be achieved through seamless integration of complementary technologies such as document intelligence, process orchestration, connected systems and, undoubtedly, RPA.

As we are investing in Kofax RPA and Kofax TotalAgility®, we continue to deliver astounding value and ROI for our customers while they execute on their broader Intelligent Automation strategies.

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