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Kofax Power PDF - Everything You Need in a PDF Reader

Whether in a large corporate environment or a small business, you need to send and receive large documents. Occasionally, you need more than a simple PDF reader since you may need to fill, sign, or make some amendments to the file. Kofax Power PDF allows users to do more than merely reading and printing functions. You need PDF software that can offer you more resources and help improve your operation’s productivity.

Highlighting Text

Finding essential points can be challenging when you have a sizeable text-heavy document. In the case of a contract or academic text, it’s necessary to ensure particular excerpts stand out, especially if you’re sending it to a recipient for review. Power PDF offers you the ability to highlight text by using the following steps.

  1. Click on the Comment tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select the Highlight option.
  3. Use the cursor to highlight the phrase or selection of text you want to emphasize.

Redacting Text

There’s no doubt that some official documents may contain sensitive, classified information. You can use our PDF editor to block out some text, also known as redacting. Follow these steps to redact information from the PDF.

  1. Select the Security tab.
  2. Click on Mark Redaction on the left of the screen and highlight the word or phrase you wish to block.
  3. Click on apply to ensure the redaction is complete.

Complete Forms and Sign Them

Waiting for an individual to be present and physically sign a document is a thing of the past. It slows down the speed of production and can frustrate the business. With Power PDF, you can fill and sign documents while using the program, so there’s no need to print out the pages, sign them and scan them back to digital format. In this case, the file never leaves the digital world, and you can apply a signature in the following way.

  1. Click on the Security tab at the top of Power PDF’s menu.
  2. Look for the SignDoc icon and hit the Send via Kofax SignDoc button.
  3. A side panel will open that allows you to add recipients but, more importantly, to add an esignature.
  4. Use the tool to draw the signature, save the file and hit send for the document to go to the relevant person.

Convert PDF Files to and From Other Programs

Power PDF is an intelligent software that every organization can use. If your colleagues want to convert PDF documents into more recognizable Word or Excel files, it’s possible with this PDF software. Additionally, if you receive editable documents where the information should not be changed, you can convert them to PDFs.

Try Power PDF Today

You could use Power PDF’s features regardless of your business sector. It will quickly enhance your team’s productivity; the best part is that it works with Microsoft and Apple products. Furthermore, the interface is similar to that of Microsoft Office, so your team members won’t have an issue becoming familiar with Power PDF.

Once you purchase Power PDF, there aren’t any subscription fees you need to pay like PDF software, such as Adobe. If you’re still unsure whether this PDF reader will add value to your operation, feel free to use our 15-day trial, which should provide enough time to highlight what Power PDF can do for your business.

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