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Is Your Business Printing and Converting Securely with PDF Software?

For business communications, nothing is more important than security. Confidential messages and documents routinely fall into the wrong hands when businesses take a casual approach to digital security. Between hackers’ malicious code and unscrupulous employees leaking information, data breaches seem like an everyday affair. Your business doesn’t have to take these risks because Kofax Power PDF software can help your team handle documents safely. Thus, you prevent unnecessary security risks.

Exposing the Risks of Printing without Security

No matter how secure your network is, there’s always a time when your documents are exposed to someone without authorization — precisely, the time between when you send documents to the printer and when they’re collected. A company visitor or an employee who violates your trust, someone stole your documents and sensitive information.

Alternatively, PDF documents can have viruses embedded into their code so they trigger an executable file the moment it’s opened. Even if your team is merely converting PDFs from one format to another, you need the right program to protect your computers. Otherwise, this liability results in hackers gaining access to your system and creating a back door in your network. From there, they could pilfer any file from any computer on your network, resulting in a substantial risk of corporate espionage.

How Kofax Power PDF Protects Your Confidentiality

Power PDF provides solutions to both issues. First, your team easily password-protects the documents once sending them to the printer. Doing so eliminates the possibility of someone other than the person who sent it collecting it. As a result, you preserve the chain of custody and keep your confidential documents classified.

We’ve also designed our PDF software to prevent malicious code from infecting your computers. The vulnerabilities that afflict Adobe Acrobat do not apply to Power PDF. No matter what attempts hackers make to corrupt a PDF file, we’ll catch it before it causes any problems for your computers or network. Keep the back door closed by relying on a program that places your security at the forefront of its operation.

Protect Your Clients — and Your Business

There’s nothing worse than being responsible for your client’s significant information security issues. No matter how high-quality your work, if hackers manage to breach your security and acquire confidential information, it undermines every bit of confidence current and potential clients have in your business.

Power PDF protects you and your clients from these issues. Unlike Adobe products, you can rely on Power PDF to empower your staff with highly-effective performance features coupled with unparalleled security options. When you need to ensure that your data gets only to the correct parties, work with Kofax.