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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation: ‘Hyper-Connecting the Enterprise to Drive Transformation’

For some time, there has been a cloud overshadowing widespread use of automation solutions, as they have been regarded as facilitators of “labor arbitrage.” However, we are now beginning to see such sentiment change for the better. Respected and well-known research bodies such as the World Economic Forum have released literature suggesting that automation will create as many as 58M net new jobs by 2022. Although it is true that jobs and professionals will be impacted, the impact will be more so a shift in the nature of work that people do. Successful enterprises of the future are the ones who quickly realize that success does not lie in driving straight through processing rates to the highest degree possible and/or establishing programs predicated on reducing headcount. Instead, it means finding the right balance between their people and the new wave of “digital” workforce capacity created through automation. It means facilitating the transition of people into new responsibilities and focus-areas. Organizations who can establish strategy around this and facilitate a healthy balance between automation and people will reap the rewards of driving higher overall productivity and improved employee morale.
As organizations explore the use of automation and facilitate such a balance, they will increasingly turn to Intelligent Automation software platforms vs. stand-alone ‘point’ solutions. An Intelligent Automation platform of technologies hyper-connects an organization (its people and its customers) to transform how work gets done and service is delivered. An Intelligent Automation platform is the engine that introduces “digital labor” at scale, while facilitating the tight integration between people and the digital workforce. The Kofax value proposition is to provide such an “engine” to our enterprise customers. 
We are excited about how Intelligent Automation will transform the world of business and are happy to talk with partners and customers concerning our value proposition, global macro movements in this space, and how we can all collaborate to ready ourselves for the next generation of business.