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Extending Kofax RPA: An Overview of the Python Integration Robot

Robotic process automation is one of the fundamental technologies underpinning today’s most exciting advances in business process transformation. While machine learning and trainable AI models can handle complex and high-level tasks in processes, RPA completes the bulk of behind-the-scenes work that helps you succeed.

Creating low and no-code robots that mimic human actions in computer software is more accessible today. However, that doesn’t mean every solution is ready-made for you to deploy at the outset. The average business uses over one hundred apps and solutions besides web services and other tools. Is it possible to extend the functionality of a valuable tool such as Kofax RPA to interface with even more systems your business may use?

Absolutely—and it’s more painless than you might expect. By considering how to integrate software using the popular programming language Python, you’ll discover an incredible variety—and just as many possibilities for reshaping your work methods.

In the Kofax Marketplace - an online hub for solutions made with Kofax products in mind - you can find a free and informative demonstration tool called the Python Integration Robot created by Quips. With this, you can quickly see how to integrate Python directly into Kofax RPA workflows.

First, let’s explore why this choice can help you achieve value and accelerate you towards achieving a positive ROI with automation. Then, we’ll explore what this demonstrator does and what you could go on to create and use to benefit your business.

Why choose Python for extension development?

Python is a highly extensible and versatile programming language with a relatively low barrier to entry for those beginning to learn it. Hence, it’s simpler to find software engineers experienced in Python and the microframeworks to deploy automation tools in a production environment.

Python has a massive library of existing software tools with a broad range of functionality, many of which are ideal for integration into automated workflows. When you can tap into this resource anytime, planning and executing effective road maps for automating key business processes is far more manageable. With the free demonstration robot from Quipu, you can explore what’s possible and begin strategizing about going further and doing more on your own.

What does the Python Integration Robot do?

The Python Integration Robot is a demonstration tool designed to illustrate how to begin integrating Python packages into Kofax RPA workflows. This process uses a microframework known as FLASK, which supports creating RESTful web applications. Once you’ve created such a web app, you can call these Python scripts into Kofax RPA or another solution you use in your business.

You will find a pre-configured “Hello World” script and a pre-built software robot in this demonstration. Using this robot, you can learn how to send unique parameters to a FLASK/Python package and then receive and interpret the output. With the understanding you can develop by exploring this demo, you can set the stage for integrating a more comprehensive number of actual Python packages into workflows that can make a big difference in your productivity.

Exploring what’s possible with Python, Flask, and Kofax RPA

When you set up a robot to streamline the integration of Python-based tools into your workflows, the possibilities are almost endless. Now, you can use virtually any Python package within the Kofax RPA environment—which means access to incredible additional functionality. Consider a few of the examples noted by Quipu developers using popular packages:

  • With ”exchangelib”, users may facilitate integration between RPA solutions and Microsoft Office 365 products. For example, when triggered, you could configure an event that automatically fires off an email to the correct individual—perfect for sending alerts or notifying individuals of a completed task.
  • Configure robots for messaging via SMS or digital services such as WhatsApp to create new customer service channels or to provide employees with a quick self-service robot for specific actions.
  • Use Python-based machine learning tools to automatically download, classify, and route emails into the correct inboxes or to the appropriate workers in your office.

These are just a few examples of the potential that currently exists. There are thousands of Python packages available on the web for free today. Integrating them into your RPA workflows using Flask can raise the stakes and achieve even more with automation.

Finding other extensibility solutions in the Marketplace

The Python Integration Robot and the capabilities it demonstrates are just one example of the incredible value that awaits in the Kofax Marketplace. This solution, offered for free to help illustrate what’s possible and what you can do next, is only a scratch on the surface of a much deeper resource. With other free solutions alongside paid assets, you can modify Kofax RPA to align with your business requirements.

RPA is not the only product you can extend via Marketplace solutions. You will find many ready-made apps, software connectors and more, from supply chain automation to revolutionizing your accounts payable team’s work. Tear down data silos, facilitate better communication, and unlock the value of intelligent automation technology with solutions that can accelerate your timeline towards a positive ROI.

Discover What You Can Do With Flexible Extensions for RPA Solutions

The extensive library of Python packages continues to grow, and many people are proficient in this language. You may even have software engineers on your team who could contribute innovations to your business. Using the Kofax Marketplace and software experts’ support, you can explore how far automation can take your business. With free demonstration solutions such as the Python Integration Robot, maximizing the value of your RPA investment is within easy reach today.
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