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Maximizing Productivity and Boosting Efficiency With Kofax Transformation

Document-related workflows are among the most time-consuming and costly in the business world. As fundamental as they are, these tasks are often the source of the most problematic and frustrating human errors. Success today depends on maximizing efficiency in every area so that teams can function at their most productive. How can you set the stage for such a change? With a platform such as Kofax Transformation and its wealth of available solutions, the future of your workflow is closer than you think.

What Does Kofax Transformation Do?

Transformation offers document automation using cognitive technology, meaning it can learn to recognize different documents and intelligently extract, classify and route their data. Artificial intelligence and algorithmic machine learning contribute to a highly versatile solution that works at a high level with virtually every document.

Transformation is a solution that replaces many of the most frustrating parts of document capture. Instead of devoting dozens of payroll hours to workers who must scan documents before manually extracting data, you can streamline this process and devote work towards high-value tasks. In doing so, Transformation makes the difference—and makes each of those hours more valuable and productive.

The Benefits of Better Document Processing and Intelligence

How can Transformation reliably improve your productivity? Where does it create efficiency improvements for your teams? Consider the following benefits that your organization could unlock:

  • Slash costs for data entry and document classification
  • Allow workers to achieve more every day instead of bogging down in scanning or typing
  • Minimizes costly human errors
  • Provides broader visibility into document processes

Transformation can positively impact many critical workflows, including invoice and sales order processing, onboarding, validating or processing forms.

Exploring Kofax Marketplace Solutions for Transformation

The Kofax Marketplace is a digital hub for solutions designed by software experts to modify and extend Kofax product functionality. Transformation is one of the many products for which you can find professionally built apps and connectors that let you do more within Transformation. Here are two examples of the solutions you can explore online right now.

  • Automatically compare two versions of a document 
    Document comparison can be critical but rarely easy and often time-consuming. Many solutions only compare OCR results, which isn’t the best response. With the Document Comparator script from the Marketplace, you can deploy an advanced algorithm in Transformation that considers OCR and the scanned image. It can then identify differences and present them for human review—saving time.
  • Automate annotations and Bates numbering
    Tracking documents through your organization and making them easily retrievable is critical in many places, especially law firms. Adding annotations or Bates numbers by hand can be time-consuming and leave room for errors. The ImageTech Bates Numbering Module for Transformation solves that problem with one ready-to-deploy package. This module stamps unique numbers onto every image scanned through Kofax Capture and Transformation—no need to create a solution from scratch.

Discover the Full Scope of What You Can Transform Today

Regardless of your industry—healthcare, real estate, law or even the public sector—Kofax Transformation delivers a powerful suite of tools organizations need now. With the ability to intelligently automate many of your document processes, you can accelerate your timelines towards profitability. At the same time, you create more satisfying working conditions for employees, empowering them to achieve more every day. Discover how Transformation and associated Marketplace solutions can improve your capabilities.

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