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Comparing Soda PDF and Power PDF: Which Is Best For Business?

Choosing a PDF editor for your business might be a small step in the big picture, but the choice you make today could impact the way that your teams work tomorrow. You already know that the right software solutions can make a big difference to productivity, so how do you make the right choice? With so much PDF software on the market, it isn’t easy.

One alternative to expensive Adobe products is Soda PDF. How does it measure up for enterprise users against a leading solution built for business, such as Kofax Power PDF? To answer that question, look at the three essential elements of each option: its features, what users think, and what it’ll cost your business.

Soda PDF: How Does It Stack Up?

Created by LULU Software, the original version of Soda PDF hit the market in 2010. Its latest version, Soda PDF 12, was released in mid-2020 and added several standard features that were previously absent from the software, such as e-signing capabilities.


Aiming to compete with bigger players in the market, Soda PDF bills itself as all a business needs to work— but is that claim true? The company advertises that the software has the following features:

  • PDF creation and editing
  • Merge PDF and reorganize document page order capabilities
  • Password or certificate-based encryption
  • Permissions-based access restrictions
  • Proprietary e-signing solution
  • Optical character recognition

Average Reviews

What do users think of Soda PDF? Finding reliable reviews online is tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look for legitimate feedback. TrustRadius, a site for re-establishing confidence in reviews, lists only two verified ratings. While that gives an overall score of 9.7 out of 10, two reviews is not enough information to base decisions on—especially not for a bigger investment.

On Capterra, another review site, Soda PDF has nearly a hundred reviews. There, it only reaches 3.5 stars out of 5.

What It Costs

What about price? Cost is one of the biggest factors that users consider when selecting software, and PDF tools are no different. Soda PDF’s pricing is straightforward and available for all to see online, except for site or enterprise licenses of 5 or more users, for which businesses need to make a direct inquiry for a quote. Otherwise, there are three pricing options:

  • $6.75 per month for standard licensing ($81 annually)
  • $10.50 per month for professional licensing ($126 annually)
  • $16.75 per month for business users ($201 annually)

The Bottom Line on Soda PDF

While perhaps a fit for casual users and some small businesses that do not need powerful document manipulation and the capability to work at scale, Soda PDF is not the best fit for all users. Its lower tiers come at an attractive price but at the expense of functionality. Users with serious PDF needs may prefer to look at alternatives.

Kofax Power PDF: Built Better for Business Users

As a leading alternative to Adobe software products for PDF editing and creation, how does Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance Power PDF) measure up to the competition? Although Soda PDF appears suitable, a deeper comparison reveals that it might come up short—especially for business users, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who need serious software for heavy-duty workflows.

Power PDF Features

Power PDF is richly featured and designed from the ground up to provide a fast, responsive, and intuitive environment for users of all experience levels. Here are some of the most important and advanced functionalities that you’ll find within:

  • Industry-leading OCR that generates more accurate, fully-searchable PDFs
  • Multiple options to sign PDFs
  • A full suite of standard PDF tools, including advanced digital assistants for tasks such as creating and merging PDFs
  • Lightning-fast document conversions, letting you convert and edit a PDF file in Excel or Word in seconds with a batch conversion utility and automation tools for even greater flexibility
  • Rock-solid security with granular password-based restrictions and digital security certificate support
  • Connectors for business-critical cloud services such as Microsoft SharePoint, plus real-time local network collaboration

Power PDF Reviews

What do users have to say about Power PDF? Look to TrustRadius for verified reviews, where Power PDF not only won the TR Top Rated in 2021 award for PDF editors but also earned the TRUE rating. Standing for Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical, a TRUE rating showcases to users that a business is not astroturfing their brand with fake reviews. Key user feedback includes:

  • “Great for law firms” — 10 out of 10
  • “Delivers as an essential office app” — 10 out of 10
  • “Premium PDF power for a budget price” — 9 out of 10

What It Costs

Let’s get to one of the most critical aspects: cost. Soda PDF requires ongoing payment, so you never truly stop paying for it. Power PDF offers something different: perpetual licensing at one price—just $179 for a license that works forever. There are even better prices available for the same terms when businesses request an enterprise quote for multiple users, or buy 5 or more individual licenses.

Compared to Soda PDF, you’re saving nearly $20 on one license—but add up the savings over years of use and Power PDF can save you hundreds or even thousands in licensing costs.

The Bottom Line on Power PDF

With rich features, a solid reputation among users, and a straightforward licensing scheme, Power PDF represents value and functionality underpinned by the latest in software design. Compared to Soda PDF, it is richer in features, easier to use, and more likely to meet the needs of a business.

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