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The CaptureBites™ SharePoint Server & Online Export Connector for Kofax Express

Effective document management is essential for any business, no matter your industry. It’s a process that touches everything from employee onboarding paperwork to daily invoices, purchase orders and more. However, effectively harmonizing the “hard copy” world with your digital workspaces is not always easy in paper-heavy processes. With the right automation tools from Kofax, a simple connector, and a SharePoint Server, you can take a big step forward into the future.

Better integration for your automation does more than add speed and agility to your processes—it ensures you can maximize the ROI of your spend on automation. Let’s take a closer look at how that’s possible, starting with the advantages of using Kofax Express for scanning and SharePoint for broader document management. We’ll then look at how you can connect the two with an advanced solution available right now on the Kofax Marketplace. Here’s what to know.

What Kofax Express Does for Your Workflows

Scanning documents is a labor-intensive process without the right equipment and software. Kofax Express delivers a highly robust solution for high-volume, high-speed scanning operations in complex data environments. Built to be user friendly, Express can handle multiple data input streams from scanners while integrating directly into your systems. Support for further integration with Kofax Capture creates opportunities for high-quality data extraction.

Express works especially well for indexing information and reading bar codes placed on documents. Put together, all its features create a robust and intelligent solution for automating some of the key early parts of the document management process. However, all that data needs somewhere to go, and you may choose Microsoft SharePoint as your solution. Available as both an on-premises deployment or a cloud solution, there are many benefits to using SharePoint in your processes.

Using SharePoint for Document Management

Using a document management system such as SharePoint lets your business decrease complexity and increase visibility into important information. When using a cloud-based deployment, you also add flexibility to your business. SharePoint also simplifies keeping sensitive data in a safe and secure digital environment, an important step when compliance is a concern. That’s all before considering the cost savings of reducing your reliance on paper processes.

Streamlining storage and access is key to combining document intelligence and cognitive capture with a solution such as SharePoint. How do you make a reliable connection between the scanning and document capture stages and the storage or distribution phases? That’s where a trusted Kofax partner, CaptureBites, comes into the picture.

Integrating Your Workflows Using the CaptureBites™ Export Connector

The CaptureBites™ SharePoint Server & Online Export Connector, available in the Kofax Marketplace, offers an excellent means of integrating document capture with document storage via Express. This connector facilitates the simple transference of documents captured by scanning to SharePoint, converting each document during export to your preferred storage format. Consider a quick example workflow:

  • A large volume of documents runs through a scanner feeding into Kofax Express with the CaptureBites connector enabled.
  • Each document undergoes automatic indexing using bar codes (or optical character recognition), preparing data for extraction by type into SharePoint.
  • The documents undergo an export and conversion process to the format you prefer to use. Options include TIFF, PDF, PDF/A (archival), or highly compressed PDFs for space-saving purposes.
  • The connector exports the document into your SharePoint site, where index columns auto-populate with the extracted data.

This process is quick and simple. Once configured the first time, you can rely on long-term upgrades to the speed and accuracy of your scanning and capture processes. Doing so can create important benefits for your teams.

Exploring the Benefits of Better Integration

Speeding up the capture process is advantageous to your business for many reasons, as is a simplified way of moving captured data into your business systems. With the CaptureBites SharePoint Server & Online Export Connector, you can eliminate or reduce reliance on highly manual processes. Such efforts can take hours out of the workday for skilled employees whose ingenuity would be better used on other tasks. Integrating with SharePoint further lets you recognize benefits such as:

  • Fewer data entry errors. Typos created during the re-typing of document information between systems can introduce cascading problems until someone detects the problem later. Integrating Express and SharePoint with automatic index mapping eliminates that possibility.
  • Faster results and more consistency within your document management system. Capably handle large volumes of information flowing through scanners and into your cloud systems. Worry less about missing an important document.
  • Improved visibility. Because this connector helps output searchable PDFs while indexing important fields, you can more readily locate important documents within your systems later.

CaptureBites provides this connector as a paid solution and free trial licenses for businesses that wish to evaluate its functionality. Connect with their team directly to request a trial license.

Industries That Can Take Full Advantage of These Tools

Integrating Express and SharePoint offers clear advantages, but who can best use those benefits? Business processes in many industries could see improvements from enhanced document management and indexing processes. Some of the areas best suited to using this connector include:

  • Administrative/back office processes
  • Management related tasks
  • Production workflows
  • Information technology departments
  • Accounting and finance processes, especially accounts payable

In general, if your business relies heavily on scanned documents that you must easily track and find again with bar codes, this solution is worth your consideration.

Find Other Innovative Shortcuts on the Kofax Marketplace

Better document management reduces errors, unburdens busy staff to focus on other tasks, and improves your visibility into key data. With Kofax Express and the CaptureBites connector to SharePoint, you can reshape how document ingestion works throughout your business. Ultimately, that translates not only into savings but also better quality work.

Fast and easy ways to integrate document automation capabilities into your SharePoint server aren’t the only solutions you can find on the Marketplace. With options available for many industries and different Kofax software products, you can find more opportunities to increase the impact of your investment. See a positive ROI sooner with solutions that save development time and costs while letting you enhance key processes. Start your journey today.

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