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5 Ways That PDF Editors and E-Signature Technology Save Time

When was the last time your business took a hard look at the software solutions it uses for basic productivity tasks? Digital workflows involving documents, for example, often require an array of software tools to manipulate. From Microsoft Office products to PDF editors, these tools can slip into the background of the workday—until something goes wrong.

When your staff can't be productive with their own productivity software, lost time translates into lost value, not to mention the impact on morale that such frustrations create for your staff.

Your PDF editing solutions should let your workers save time, not waste it, especially for documents requiring signed approvals from management or clients. A solution designed for ease-of-use and versatility in any business environment, Kofax Power PDF, eliminates common hassles and saves you time.

1. Better Software Makes Converting to PDF Fast and Easy

Have you or one of your employees ever spent hours searching for an online PDF editor that would help with converting to PDF from another file format? What about the opposite?

Although PDF is a highly versatile format, many users find it isn't easy to work with these documents without the right technology in place. Consider a common scenario: you have a PDF file that you want to convert to a Word doc for editing and adding content. When you're done, you want to convert it back. Simple, right? Only if you can find the right tools for the job.

Kofax Power PDF is a powerful but straightforward PDF converter and editor ideal for the seamless manipulation of these files. With only a few clicks inside a familiar, Office-style user interface, you can instantly swap between PDF and many other format types with an extremely high degree of accuracy. No more time wasted on misleading search engine results or time-consuming error correction.

2. Save a Signature for Rapidly Signing Documents

"Sign here, and here, and here..." Old cartoons and movies made a joke out of putting your signature to contracts for a reason: with potentially dozens of pages at a time requiring a signature or initials, signing documents is a time-consuming task.

Is it possible to speed up the process of signing dozens of different papers a day? With electronic signature technology, such as the Kofax SignDoc system integrated with Power PDF, it takes no more than a few clicks.

Use a touch-enabled device or computer tablet to capture and save your signature in Power PDF. When you need to add your name to a document, simply open it in Power PDF and insert your signature. The software's built-in advanced digital certificate technology guarantees the legitimacy of your signed documents and provides a failsafe against tampering.

3. Never Lose Track of Critical Papers Again

Where is the contract for that major client deal from several years ago? Who last touched the quarterly report with the critical statistic you need? Looking for lost materials is never fun, and it's even worse when your employees are spending time searching while on the clock.

With Power PDF and its built-in OCR technology, it takes no time at all to transform any document into a full-text PDF that is also easy to search. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 can search inside optimized PDF files. When you can't find the right document, plug in a few key phrases you might find on the page and locate your file in seconds.

4. Capture Signatures from Clients with Ease

Providing authorization is not the only scenario in which electronic signatures come in handy. What about when you need to get a legally binding signature from a client on a contract or some other agreement? You could wait for the document to filter through the postal system, or you could rely on slow and outdated solutions such as the fax machine.

With Power PDF, creating a digital signature field on the document is simple. Send it to the client to attach their signature before returning it to your inbox. With digital certificates confirming authenticity, you now have an executed contract ready for immediate filing.

5. Automate Form Creation and Document Conversion

Converting documents one by one is fine when you only need to handle a few at a time, but what about when you have more than a hundred documents to process? What if they all require similar edits and changes before they're ready for use?

With the Power PDF capture folder feature, users have powerful capabilities for automating these processes. When a file appears in the folder, such as following a scan function, Power PDF can automatically process it according to a preset script. This processing can include actions such as converting between formats and outputting the new file to a different destination folder.

Waste Less Time and Boost Productivity with Power PDF

"Time is money" is a cliché, but it isn't untrue. Small process improvements, such as changing your choice of PDF editors, can produce significant workplace changes. The amount of time that workplaces consume daily by performing small, repetitive tasks is easy to overlook until you eliminate the problem by adopting a true solution. Suddenly, key members of your staff have the time and energy they need to manage the critical processes supporting your success.

Learn how to work like tomorrow by transitioning to a perpetual enterprise license for Power PDF and taking advantage of its accessible features.

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